Industrial Control Panels in Denver, CO

Titan Industrial Controls LLC is a UL 508A listed panel shop specializing in the design and manufacturing of industrial control panels for a wide range of applications and working environments. Our expertise extends to sectors such as recycling, power generation, food and beverage, water/wastewater treatment, renewable energy, and more. Contact Titan Industrial Controls, LLC in Denver, CO today for your industrial control panel needs.

Our Offerings

♢ PLC (Programmable Logic Component) Industrial Control Panels

♢ MCP (Motor Control Panels)

♢ Remote HMI stations

♢ Junction Boxes

♢ System Planning and Instrumentation

♢ Component Specification and Integration

♢ Turnkey Solutions

♢ Complete Design and Design Assistance


We design and manufacture custom electrical panels for a variety of industries, including breweries, conveying systems, renewable energy, and more.

Our customer-centric approach involves consulting with clients to understand their specific requirements. Based on this collaborative input, we design and manufacture control panels tailored to their needs.


UL 508A Certification is an essential industrial control panel standard, highly sought after by electrical inspectors throughout North America. This certification serves as irrefutable evidence that the panel adheres to recognized safety standards.

Our UL 508A listed control panels are meticulously designed and constructed under rigorous conditions, subject to regular inspections conducted by Underwriters Laboratories to ensure compliance with these safety standards.

Contact Titan Industrial Controls, LLC in Denver, CO today.